Pradeep Kumar


Tata Docomo

:: Create buddynet animation competition
To launch their Buddynet platform Tata Docomo oraganised an animation competiton on the theme of Friendship. The challenge was to use elements from the Tata Docomo logo to express the idea of friendship. These animations were my take on friendship

:: The tortoise and Hare race
This animation was based on the panchtantra folk tale of tortoise and hare race which gave the message of "Slow and steady wins the Race" I gave a twist to it that instead of competing with each other, the hare and tortoise help each other to overcome shortcomings of each other. As a result they finish the race in a smaller time than they would have done it individually and both are the winners here.


:: A friend in need is a friend indeed
This animation gives the message of friendship in a simple way and also was in continuation with the Tata Docomo style of advertising.