Pradeep Kumar


winner Hopes for Women in Education Poster Contest (Winner)

Hopes for Women in Education is a not-for-profit Canadian organization. It aims to promote education for women in the Middle East who have been financially under-privileged due to their refuged nature, and to enhance Canadians understanding of the contemporary Arab world and of the the Near East, by connecting local women with Canadian and international donors to assist in educational research, training, humanitarian and development projects.

This contest aims to find designers willing to create educational gender based posters to be used as a campaign to help raise promote the organizations mission. Posters that aim to identify the importance of education for women, particularly those that have been previously disadvantaged due to their refuged nature. 

The organization provides scholarships for women living in refugee camps in the Middle East, posters that illustrate the need to assist marginalized Palestinian communities will be an asset. We are seeking posters that are modern, fresh and that displays a creative ways to outline our objectives. 

The organization works within a Human Rights component, and the participant must work to incorporate such beliefs within their design.

The following designs were the winning entries in this contest and these posters are printed and used by the organisation. The winner announcement can be viewed at the link