Pradeep Kumar


Triplived android app

Travel memories are a collection of photographs, moments, places, conversations, romantic experiences and a lot more. However, over a period of time, all that remains of these memories are scattered photographs, lost acquaintances and vague recollections of travel details, thereby ruining the fun in reliving and relishing them.

Triplived wants to solve this problem, and give a structural and visual treat to your travel memories so that they can be easily recorded, easily shared and easily discovered.

1. Record Of Past Travel Experiences
Provides a timeline view to your travel stories to relive those memories that are half-forgotten or lost.
2. Live Trip Recording
While you enjoy your trip, Triplived creates your travel story on your smart phone. It automatically detects your activity, captures your location, does automatic check-ins, and tags your photographs. Your reviews and suggestions complete the story, that can then be shared with friends and family.
2. Targeted Suggestions For Better Planning
Your friends, relatives or travellers you follow may have been to the place you are visiting. Based on your interests, Triplived scans through hundreds of suggestions, and shares those that are most relevant to you and suit your taste.
5. Social Connect
Triplived allows you to share your travel experiences with friends and family in real time.
6. Trip Video
Once your trip is complete, Triplived converts your travel story into a short video that you can cherish for a lifetime.