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World Expo2005, Aichi, Japan

India participated in the World Exposition 2005 at Nagoya, Aichi Province, Japan. The Expo had 125 participating countries, each with a pavilion. The Expo attracts approximately 15 million visitors over a period of six months from 25th March to 25th September 2005. It was a team effort comprising of architects, exhibition designers, graphic designers, film directors, writers etc.

:: Expo Plan

Expo plan map


:: Expo Facade

At the expo facade on both sides there were these jaali patterns taken from the mughal architectures. For this I have redrawn various kinds of jaali patterns by understanding the geometry behind them. These were blocks of metal sheets which were cut as per the pattern and glass of different colours was embedded at different places. The jaali waal at the bottom was wooden cutout inside the pavilion.


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:: Jaali Details

jaali detailsjaali


:: Jaali Wall

jaali wall

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:: Masala Bollywood

Masala Bollywood Cafe was at the end of India Pavilion. Since Indian cuisine are known as spicy and same is with bollywood. The Posters at the entrance were hand painted by an artist who paints movie posters for cinema halls. So I gave him these compositions as per different themes, Like Item numbers, rain, songs and action scenes. Inside the cafe were close-ups of Bollywood stars. For this I selected black and white photographs and made them colourful and floroscent.

Hand Made Posters at the Entrance
Pictures inside the Cafe

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:: Spirit of India

The Spirit of India wall was to show the scientific and technical advances as well as the sustainable developments. It includes various Indian success stories in various fields like textiles, medicine, trade, automobiles, khadi, information technology, space research etc.

spirit of india wall


Map to show Ancient Indian Trade Routes

ancient trade map

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Actual images from the Expo

Masala Bollywood cafe

Masala Bollywood entrance

Spirit of India Wall

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